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RJ Varun (Moring show Aamar Sawkaler Kolkata )

Music, novels and radio are an integral part of his life. Each day opens a new door of opportunities for him, to try something new and different. Saubhik keeps travelling the roads of by gone days where you have left sentiments and emotions behind. He keeps those shades of emotions alive within us. Hear me on Aamar 106.2 FM in Ei Raat Tomar Aamar Monday to Friday 10 pm to 12 am; Aamar Swakaler Rabi Monday to Saturday 5 am to 7 am; Celebrity chat show " Kichu Katha kichu gaan " on Sundays at 11 am.

Since childhood radio attracts me. This attraction was so intense that it became part of my daily life and used to listen to it keeping the set underneath the books. Sometime I was caught red handed and received immense scolding. But toady recollecting those childhood memories I fell it helped me what I am today: celebrating life with music, people and every day getting a chance to draw images on-air. "MUSIC IS THE FOOD OF LOVE"....And me spreading warmth and love through music. Lucky enough to make my passion into profession. So I am there on Aamar 106.2 FM in “Hoyto Tomari Jonno”

Well I am just like a girl next door, love to travel, mad about food, love to learn foreign language, I am a book warm, how many books I have read online cant even remember to count and the most important thing, you can call me an ''actual day dreamer''... and I am a true pisces personality, by work, by nature, by heart. Like most Bengali I am found of adda….topics can be anything from fashion to cooking to music. Catch me up in Aamar Ghore aar Bairey.

Join me on Aamar 106.2 FM in Aamar Kolkata Ekhon. I am the girl who is with you in this busy city life. Being a Taurus I always find beauty in various aspect of life. Love to watch romantic films and have good taste in similar kind of novels. Passionate about Rashogolla and hate dishonesty. My favorite city “Kolkata” and that is why I am here at Aamar Kolkata Ekhon …bringing you the flavor of the city through adda …songs ….happenings around Kolkata.

Hi this is labannya …apart from similarity with names I have one more similarity with the poem “Sehser Kobita” i.e I like friendship. An open minded person loves to hear from others and I am quite talkative. A strong believer of out of the box thinking ….always in a mood to celebrate. To find out more about me keep listening to Aamar Sawkaler Kolkata on Aamar 106.2 FM